Last night, Gena and I went out on a date night. We try to make it a thing to go out on a nice date atleast once a month, sometimes more. This is a great way for us to unwind, relax, and catch up on everything that has been going on in each other’s busy lives.

We decided to go to Melt Bar and Grilled, a really cool restaraunt that we’ve been to before. Melt has awesome food, of which they are most known for their grilled cheese. We got ready and took off, makingo ur way through the crappy, rainy weather that Columbus has brought upon us for this weekend.

We arrive, thankfully at a decent hour with no wait. While walking in, the most memorable part of our night occured: Gena fell. Not just a trip and fall, but she fell for a solid ten seconds. I think her heals coupled with the fact that the floor was wet are what caused this, but it was too funny to not mention here. She’s okay, and thankfully never made it all the way to the ground (a kind stranger helped me catch her). But I definitely did not let her forget about this, as we laughed randomly throughout the night about it.

My favorite thing to get at Melt is their Mac and Cheese grilled cheese. It is one of the most interesting foods I have ever eaten, and one of the most American foods you can think of. Add Bacon, and you’re set! For those that haven’t been to Melt, I highly recommend it, as their food, service, and atmosphere are awesome!

After we finished up at Melt, we made our way to Simply Rolled Ice Cream, where we both enjoyed chocolate fudge ice cream. We also made a stop at our favorite little store in Columbus, Rocket Fizz. All of these establishments are located in the Short North Arts District, which is my favorite part about Columbus.

After this was all said and done, we made our way back to the dorms to watch a movie with some of our friends. “Ex-Machina” was the movie of choice, of which none of us had ever seen before. It was a really good movie, and really interested me since it is highly centered around AI.

Overall, last night was an amazing night. Gena and I both lead very busy lives with school and work, so setting time aside to spend with one another is always a treat.